Oneness is the very heart of the Jesuin Vision, and all who embrace it are dedicated to seeking Oneness by upholding human dignity and honoring Creation in accordance with The Book of the Jesuin, via the principles it imparts and the story it tells about the true man Jesus of Galilee.

“From what was written in ages past arises true good news now come to pass, as a seed planted long ago at last emergent and ripe for harvest, bearing the noble fruit of freedom for the grace and sake of All.”


The Book of the Jesuin

The Book of the Jesuin embodies the core principles of Oneness and is the principal text, preeminent guide, and foremost article of faith for all who embrace the Jesuin Vision. Asserting that the Christian Gospels are contrived myths which obscured the real man known as Jesus, the Book shares the story called The Acceptable Tale of Jesus of Galilee which tells how the real man Jesus survived his crucifixion thanks to a daring and unexpected rescue, and then awakened to a universal vision in which he reveals the very purpose of all humankind and how to achieve it according to what he called “the most glorious Way of the Knowing of The One” (Jesuin 7:38).

“Let us set out carrying the light of Oneness into all the world to scatter all darkness that all shadow may flee.”


Where Oneness is the heart of the Jesuin Vision, the doing of Oneness in all things and the sharing of Oneness in all places is the Jesuin Mission. It is a foundational Jesuin conviction that “salvation is not some kind of divine redemption from ‘sin’ and death, but it is Oneness brought about in this life” and that “it emerges from within each of us and unfolds among all of us—together—through fearlessly intentional acts of empowering love and compassionate justice, restoring and upholding human dignity through deliverance from all manner of oppressions of heart, soul, mind, and body, until the awesome peace of Oneness fills the whole world” (from The Jesuin Vision as stated in The Book of the Jesuin).

The Jesuin Mission